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By The Way... PSD GYM has invested $4,000.00 into a water purification system that provides ionized living water, a must for everyone. Available FREE, no matter what membership package you select. Simply become a member.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

1142 Grand Ave
Billings, Montana 59102

Dan 406-671-5798
Shawn 406-850-4060

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1142 Grand Ave Billings, Montana

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By returning to the origin of water – without impurities – we ensure our healthy ionized alkaline drinking water provides amazing benefits to your health and household. All with the press of a button.

Healthy hydration. Clean, refreshing taste and life-changing versatility. For true wellness today, use only the best water in the world. PSD GYM & AMMA co-owner Shawn Palmer is an authorized Kangen Representative. Contact Shawn at 406-850-4060 for better than standard clean healthy water today.

What do the Doctors say about ASEA Water?
ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling reactive molecules that exists outside the body, and can be used to help maintain proper balance inside the body to support the immune system and healing process.
Shawn Palmer, co-owner PSD GYM & AMMA
PSD GYM & AMMA co-owner Shawn Palmer is an authorized ASEA Water Representative.

ASEA is trillions of stable, perfectly balanced Redox Signaling Molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution—the same molecules that exist in the cells of the human body.

Redox Signaling is a function that is central to all life on the planet. Redox Signaling molecules are created within every cell of the body and are vital to the immune system and to cellular healing mechanisms. They are so essential to life that without them, you would die within seconds. A proper supply of Redox Signaling molecules enables cellular healing: damaged, dysfunctional cells fading away and healthy, vibrant cells taking over.

Redox Signaling molecules are vital for the health of your cells; that’s why your body makes its own supply. But after the age of 12, our cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules. ASEA is the world’s only source for replenishing Redox Signaling molecules.

Contact Shawn at 406-850-4060

Science and PSD GYM recognize there are three essential daily nutritional maintenance supplements recommended for every one of all ages and fitness level. Additional nutritional counseling available for PSD GYM members. Sign up today.

Allow BLU FROG to power your inspiration today, tomorrow and, well, every single day after that. With this wildly healthy energy drink as your constant companion, you'll have all the help you need to accomplish whatever it is that needs doing. Just one more evolving part of the LIMU product line. 

PSD GYM & Advanced Mixed Martial Arts co-owner Shawn Palmer is an authorized Limu representative. Join Shawn’s team and learn how to be wealthy and healthy together, today.  Call Shawn at 406-850-4060 or visit Shawn's Limu Rep page and sign up for the best business and health program available today.

The video above starts at 7 sec. This ABC News story was produced some years ago and to this day has held up to the ABC reporters very positive claims. The super nutrient Fucoidan repairs over 100 functions in the human body and is the key to the seaweeds health benefits. Watch the video and decide for yourself, is Limu worth it to you and your family? 

Limu BMW - This is an actual photo of a Billings, MT Limu team representatives new BMW. Taken on 12-6-2012 near I-90 on ramp, Billings, Montana.

Want to get behind the wheel of your dream car? LIMU’s Ultimate Auto Program is the ultimate driving experience.

Full Details here.

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